When Is It Time to Replace an Old Fence?

Fence Builder

Fencing professionals advise replacing or repairing an outdated fence when more than 20% of the fence has to be fixed. These are several indicators that it is time to rebuild your fence:

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  • If you have an old fence that isn’t very robust.
  • If you are concerned that the fence will collapse or become unsafe.
  • If you wish to change the style or design of your fence.
  • If your aging fence is a target for intruders.

What Is the Average Life Expectancy of a Fence?

Fences may be created from a variety of materials such as wood, metal, wire, plastic, stone, concrete, and so on. Chain link and wood fences are the most prevalent types of fences nowadays. The fence’s substance has an impact on life. If properly maintained, any of these fences will last anywhere between 15-20 years. Some things should never be done to extend the life of your fence:

  • Weeds should never grow on your fence.
  • Let your youngsters to not climb on your fence.
  • On your fence, avoid applying pesticides or herbicides.
  • Remove the dirt off your fence.
  • To keep your fence looking new, repaint it every now and again.
  • Remove any tree branches that may fall on your fence.
  • Replace any broken fence components as soon as you detect them.

Is it true that painting a fence makes it last longer?

Painting a fence improves its appearance, but does it make it survive longer? Indeed, it increases the lifespan of the fence.

Fences must be painted since they are exposed to the elements. It is critical to protect the fence from elements such as rain, heat, and wind. If you paint it well, it will endure a long time. A fence that hasn’t been painted will ultimately succumb to the weather and fall apart.

You may paint the fence with a variety of various types of paint. Latex paint is often regarded as one of the best fence paints. Latex paint is less prone to mold since it is inherently permeable.

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