Illinois Power – Take Control Of Your Energy Supply

Electric Rates

Compared to other states, Illinois residents pay the lowest electricity prices in the country and have a lot of power choices when it comes their energy provider. That’s because Illinois is a market deregulated that lets you search for the most affordable electricity rates and be in control of your home or business energy consumption.

Illinois is an excellent place to source energy as it has low natural gas residential prices and is home to one of the largest coal-fired power stations in the country. Illinois is also a leader in the nation in the generation of renewable electricity and is on track to meet its goal of 100 renewable energy by 2050.

There are many different illinois electric suppliers companies that are serving the state, and each has its own unique method of providing electric power to businesses and homes. Some are known for providing high-quality customer service, while others offer reward programs that can help you save money and even receive free or discounted travel or shopping gift cards.

The Illinois Commerce Commission’s Plug in Illinois state-sponsored website gives details about the 87 Illinois electricity companies. This site is a great resource to begin in your search to examine Illinois’ electricity rates and locate the best provider for your requirements.

In 1997 the Illinois Commerce Commission approved energy deregulation, which allowed customers to select their own provider of electricity and switch to a new company without the need for a rate increase or contract extension. Since since then, more than 1.67 million residential and more than 75% of commercial and industrial customers have switched to new energy providers.

The largest utility providers in Illinois are ComEd and Ameren. They supply electricity to 3.8 million people in 25 counties across the state. In addition, they have different rates for their customers.

Independent electricity companies in Illinois are an excellent alternative for businesses and homeowners who want to control their energy supply. These companies aren’t owned by the state or a utility and have a lower overhead than large national utilities.

They often have lower rates than your utility’s price to compare rates and provide better customer service. Many of them also offer renewable energy options, such as solar and wind.

A lot of these Illinois electric companies use live chat capabilities which means that you don’t have to leave your house or call their customer service number to get a reply to a question. You can also find up-to-date information about repairs and power outages on their social media pages.

Independent Illinois electricity providers offer a range of reward programs that permit customers to earn points based on how often they use their electricity plans or the number of friends and family members they refer. These points can be exchanged for things like free or discounted travel, statement credits and retail bonuses.

Another important aspect of the energy industry in Illinois is that it is becoming increasingly regulated which is why you should consult your local regulator to make sure that your Illinois electricity supplier has all the required licenses to conduct business. If you do not then it could cost you a significant amount of money, or even your electricity supply.

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